Her Campus

I spent summer 2017 as an Editorial Intern at Her Campus Media headquarters in Boston. As an intern, I was a national editor for two sections of the site: the High School vertical, where I edited weekly features and gave feedback to writers, and the How She Got There vertical, where I interviewed and wrote profiles on female entrepreneurs.

I wrote and edited daily news, lifestyle, entertainment and feature pieces, and I worked with the News Editor to co-create/write a news-oriented Her Campus Instagram Stories series called Informed AF. In addition, I contributed to two long form reporting projects: the 22 Under 22 Campaign and an interactive story about Campus Activism.

Read below for a selection of my articles, and click here for my complete author profile.


How She Got There

22 Under 22 Profiles

Style + Beauty



I’m also the Co-Campus Correspondent/Editor-in-Chief of my chapter at the University of Florida, where I manage a team of 30+ writers and editors, edit and publish about 25 articles per week and lead weekly team meetings.

Here are some of my favorite articles I’ve written for Her Campus national sponsored campaigns and as a Features Writer:

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