Need a fresh business card logo for an upcoming job interview or summer internship? Could your resume or cover letter use some serious proofreading TLC before you send in an important application?

I’m offering my services as a writer, editor and graphic designer to revamp anyone and everyone’s resumes, cover letters and business cards.

As a writer, design enthusiast and advocate for proper grammar, my proofreading skills and penchant for layout and typography have helped friends and classmates land internships in the past.

Whether you’re looking for a complete design revamp or just want a trusted set of eyes to edit a letter for an application, I’m here to help! Get started by emailing me ( with your request (see rates below).


Client examples

Kat Jones



“Darcy edited my cover letter this past semester and I honestly give her half the credit for me getting my internship this summer. She’s an amazing writer and editor and I highly recommend taking advantage of the services she’s offering!” — Taylor T., University of Florida